ADU And Room Addition

ADU in California

Many homeowners are considering constructing in-law suites and building backyard cottages now more than ever because housing is so vital.
ADUs can now be added more easily in many California counties thanks to supportive legislation.
A backyard house can be the best option if you need a place for Mom, a dedicated home office, or extra rental money.
Here are some questions we frequently get from clients who are considering building an ADU. 

What Is An ADU?

On a residential property, ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are additional residences.  They often have a small footprint (similar to a tiny house or cottage), but they also contain a separate living room, bedroom, and entryway.   While many ADUs are created as independent structures, some are suites that are attached to the main house.

The majority of Californian areas now permit ADUs to be built on residential properties, and they are growing in popularity in the Bay Area.
There has never been a better moment than the present to construct an ADU! 

The Steps to Adding an ADU

A backyard dwelling unit can be constructed similarly to other structures, but on a smaller scale.
An architect will be required first to draft your blueprints.
The next step is to get your county to approve it.
After that, you must employ a building contractor to finish the job.
You might get your own ADU in a few of months. 

Having an ADU Designed Specifically for Your Needs

A custom design can be for you if you want your ADU to precisely match the styles of your current home.    If you require anything special and can't find any pre-designed small house designs that suit your needs, you can also choose for a bespoke design.

Although many ADU plans offer the ability to customize their appearance.
The price of a custom design might change based on the architect, the scope of the project, and the complexity of the design.   It is advised to start with a pre-designed plan and have your architect make personalized alterations to it if you want an affordable choice. 

Pre-designed ADU house plans will help you save time and money.

Pre-designed options are not only quicker to create than custom ADUs, but they are also more cost-effective.
The price of a design plan is around half that of a bespoke design.
Although the floor layout will often be basic, you may frequently still have some control over how it looks from the outside.
You may select your chosen design style from 2 outside finish choices and 3 interior finish palettes in the Drafting Cafe Architect's ADU Plans. 

Obtaining Your ADU Permit

Once the architectural plan is complete, a building permit is required before you can start constructing on your site.
Your ADU's initial step is to establish a plan.   Your architect will still be required to provide permission drawings.  Some could charge for it already, while others might charge more.
Your building contractor can begin construction on your ADU once your county and municipal have authorized your design. 

Constructing Your ADU

Southern California older homes and significant demand for upgrading make it one of the more expensive regions to develop.
However, the expenditure is worthwhile when you consider the overall value that a licensed ADU provides to your home. 

We provide a free online fast estimate on our website so you may plan your ADU or other renovation work in advance because money is a frequent concern we hear from potential clients.