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Sales Flight Checklist Kobi Farkash

Sales Flight Check List Presented By: Kobi Farkash Hosted By: Triangle Construction Inc June 26 2022 Sound And Video Recording Plus Video Editing By Yosi

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Roof Installation

How To Install Shingles #1 Plan & Prepare

In this video I want to talk a little bit about preparing and planning for a roofing project that you might have coming up so we're going to talk a little bit about how to figure out how many bundles of shingles you need what other materials you might need and some of the tools that you're going to need.

How To Install Shingles #2 Getting Started

In this video I want to just show you how to basically get started on a roofing project so this video is going to deal with getting the underlay laman started which in our case we're using a grip guard or ice and water protection, as well as getting the starter strip and the first row of shingles going.

How To Install Shingles (#3 Main Part)

HOW TO | Roofing Basics (Part 1 of 3)

In this video I am showing you guy the proper order of operations, starting with a plywood roof deck. First we start by putting on the gutter apron, then we follow up by installing the ice and water shield and felt. And finally we finish the roof prep by installing the drip edge to cap over all of our dry in material. If you follow these first basic steps EXACTLY as I show them, you will be much better off at completing your project correctly, as well as promptly.

HOW TO | Roofing basics (part 2 of 3)

In this video I detail the importance of snapping lines to get your roof straight, and installing your starter correctly. I also give you many short and quick details that can help you along the way. This video, if watched in its entirety, can save you 10x the amount of time and emergency research you'll have to do if you just fast forward. Thanks for watching new roofers and DIYers.

HOW TO | Roofing Basics (Part 3 of 3)

In this video, I break down exactly all of the steps I would take when doing this roof if it was my first time ever shingling, but knowing what I know now. In part 1 I broke down the order of operations for gutter apron, ice shield, felt and drip edge. In part 2, I detailed the importance of starter as well as how to put it on, and I showed you guys the extra precautions I would I take when shingling my first roof such as snapping lines every 5th row. in part 3 you get to see it all come together, i highly recommend that you watch parts 1 and 2 in full if you plan on tackling a roofing project of your own.

Exterior Painting

How to Paint a House | DIY Exterior Painting Tips

Painting the exterior of your house is a big job, but if done right, it'll give a major boost to your curb appeal and add tremendous value to your home. Monica from The Weekender walks through each step of this project from start to beautiful finish.


This DIY exterior painting project is all about how to paint a house. This DIY house painting video is filled with exterior painting tips from start to finish. If you need to paint the exterior of any house or building then this painting tip 101 video is for you.

How to paint stucco. The Best Way To Paint Stucco. How to paint a house

How to paint a stucco house. Painting stucco with a paint sprayer and using a paint roller to back roll. Stucco painting hacks. Home improvement and handyman painting tips for the DIY house painter. Painting stucco made easy. Stucco painting hacks.

4 Secret Painting Tips To Paint Stucco

4 professional tips painting stucco. The Idaho Painter exposes how to paint stucco like a professional painter. Painting Tips.

Interior Painting

How To Paint A Room | DIY For Beginners

Today I'm showing you how to RE-PAINT a room, step by step. This applies to anyone who wants to change a room's colour or wants to upgrade their builder-grade paint job.

DIY How to Paint like a Pro Series A to Z

Today I'm showing you how to paint like a pro from A to Z!

Floor Installation

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring as a Beginner | Home Renovation

Installing vinyl plank flooring is an easy home renovation project that can totally change the look of a room. Avoid beginner mistakes with some tips and tricks I share along the way. This vinyl flooring can even be installed over other floors like linoleum vinyl sheet, wood laminate and tile. And best of all it can be done with basic tools

10 Beginner Mistakes Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

10 Beginner Mistakes Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring | Home Renovation This video sponsored by Skillshare Links below to tools and supplies used

Window Installation

Understanding Retrofit Windows and New Construction Windows Livermore CA

In this video we demonstrate the difference between new-construction and retrofit windows. We also explain how to properly install a retrofit window, and when to use a retrofit, or a new-construction window.

How to Replace Windows The RIGHT WAY

Replacement Windows can be tricky. This video will show you all the steps to replace your existing windows with new windows, including some tips for making a tricky flashing job much easier. As Matt likes to say, this is a "Bomber Method" to ensure the new windows are both waterproof and air tight! Matt will be using Prosoco Fast Flash in this video. Watch this video if you want more info on the tools he uses in the video.